It is slated to be finished by 2016: a 13-kilometre-long new stream called De Doorbraak. Such a stream is needed in Twente to give its water more space, to prevent flooding and dehydration, and to establish an ecological connection between Northeast Twente and the Crest of Salland. The stream will be a doorbraak, or breakthrough, for water management, agriculture, and nature.

Managing water, creating space. This phrase in the water management plan 2002-2005 of the Vechtstromen district water board delineates the most important objective of the water board. The water boards goal continues to be to provide the right quantity of good quality water everywhere and always; but the Twente water board also wants to give the water the space that it deserves. The realisation of such a balanced water management system requires optimal coordination with those who are responsible for town and country planning, agriculture, nature, the environment, and recreation.

The joint project of the water board and the province of Overijssel fulfils the above mentioned objective superlatively. This is given form through the realisation of De Doorbraak, establishing a very important part of a resilient water system for Twente. De Doorbraak: a future-oriented project for future generations of people, animals and plants.

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